Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Marimekko Makeover

I bought this vintage 1973 Marimekko cotton print dress because I was curious to how the dress would look if the elastic was replaced at the dressed bodice. For a normal person this would be too much work and would dump the dress. But I like a challenge to I fixed the dress myself and it came out marvelous. And I finally found a model who would fit into it and I was rewarded for all the time I put into the dress. I paired the dress with a pair of vintage style fringed mocassin boots and it was a perfect match....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer for Men???

Received a pile of men's clothing from a relative of mine. I usually don't deal with men's clothing unless if it is to wear for myself or to give to a friend. Well on top of the pile was this Men's Lilly Pulitzer floral summer shirt and tie. I looked at it in horror. I wanted to look away, but it is like a good horror film, you want to look away but you cant. Quoting the Website , "It takes a special man to wear Lilly's vintage line....." And I managed to find that man. My good friend Marc asked if he could have it. I said, "Sure, just dont wear it in public." I also made him try it on so I could take a picture of him. Actually he looks quite cute in the the ensemble, but if I could find a blazer to tone it down a bit it might be ok.... I also have a pulitzer blazer but it is too big for him.... (PHEW!!)

Marc was a sport and let me take the picture. He thinks he is not cute, but he is.... And he is a very good friend!!!! So dressthatmans was right in that respect!!! Check out theri site they have a nice selection of Pulitzer Menswear for you to browse through.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fashion Birdcage Vintage Edition

The Fashion Bird Magazine an online magazine which features art and fashion just came out with a vintage fashion issue. Lots of large shots and feature articles featuring vintage clothing. I was very excited that Listitcafe was featured in a section. The magazine is edited by Enkha Balazic and the vintage section was edited by Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative Vintage

It has been great seeing vintage clothing being mixed with non vintage clothing in online magazines such as NEET magazine and Prim Magazine. All these sources are great places to finad inspriation on how to mix and match vintage clothing. People dont see the possibi;ities you have when you mix and match vintage clothing with current clothing. And I always say, "Just because I run a online vintage clothing store does not mean I am a timewarp" You can creat very current looks with and edge using vintage clothing. Part of the fun of buying vintage is experimenting with looks that reflect your own personal style.

Cover picture of Vintage section of The Fashion Birdcage Featuring an outfit from The photo was styled by Jessie Ajluni.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Interesting Find

Was at a large Estate Sale this weekend which contained things from several estates. A really interesting sale where you dig around and find alot of cool things. A place where I like to spend my afternoons. This day I was searching for an outfit to use in a photoshoot so I went to the clothing section which was small and grabbed this ensemble. Very loud Italian 1980's ensemble by Enrico Coveri You Young Label Circa 1985.

There was no price on this item so I asked at least three people what the price of the item and all I as an answer is that this was Brooke Shields dress. So they had a third party they had to please and could not give me a price right away. Brooke grew up in this area and thought I thought it could possible that it was hers, but did not really care just wanted the ensemble. So I got a fair price on the item and the story about the estate. I wont repeat it people deserve their privacy.

I liked the dress as it was a good example of 80's clothing and colorful enough for my purposes. Then someone I knew forwarded me this picture of Brooke wearing the dress.

Wow its nice to see it. It sort of kills what I was going to do with it but it might be a challenge to try and update the item without changing the item. I like see Brooke wear it because she looked healthy and beautiful and was not overly thin as models tend to be now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did I Say I Have Seen it All?

Those are dangerous words coming from me. I have been to alot place and seen strange things as well as some strange people. So when I say, "I have seen it all..." It is a truly scary thing.

The item I am talking about is an item I just put for sale on Etsy. It is called a gunbrush. Guns can make brushing FUN!!!! It is a child's toothbrush in the shape of a gun. The trigger works and the gun goes click.

I was first a bit disturbed at finding the Gunbrushes. But then I thought the Gunbrushes were an interesting thing. I saw it as a window to a more innocent time in American History. It was heroic and fun as a child to play Cowboys and Indians. Mom's did not worry about handguns or if the game were Polically Correct.

I wondering if they made a Tomahawk version of ths toothbrush?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun with Bangles

This is a rough picture from one of my photoshoots. I love bracelets and mixing them up and seeing how many can go up my arm. Its a way to add drama to a simple evening ensemble. I am the sort of person when dressing for an event has to add some special flavor to an outfit or I just dont feel like going out. So on my dresser I keep a stack of chunky bracelets and a stack of favorite necklaces which I mix and match.

I have added some more bangles to my website LISTITCAFE.COM I see that some shops are selling bangles in matching sets. I guess thats ok.... But I enjoy mixing and matching according to my mood. So I always keep a large selection of different bangles because I am a moody girl.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Honor Blackman's Book of Self Defence

Never in my life I would think I would ever find myself writing about the martial arts and fashion in the same sentence, but life is weird. So, here it goes.

My husband has been practicing martial arts for just about 20 years and I have dabbled in it at one point. Its a great art form and gets you in very good shape while learning to defend yourself. But I have always had a problem with the uniform (Gi). They are uncomfortable and make you look like a tank. But with the martial arts you are not supposed to be comfortable or fashionable.

So my love of fashion and the martial art have been two separate things. Until I picked up this gem of a book at a garage sale this weekend. It is call Honor Blackman's Book of Self-Defence. I bought it for my husband thinking it would be interesting reading a book on self-defence written by a woman. The book was written 1965 and was first published by Andre Deutsch. I dont think martial arts was a popular thing for woman to be studying at the time thus thus I thought it might be an interesting read.

My husband was slightly impressed by the book. He said the simple martial arts techniques were well presented. At the time I had not really looked the book so I started to go through the book myself and realized the book was written by the actress who played Pussy Galore in the James Bond Films. This got my interest so I thumbed through the book and discovered the photographs at the end of the book. She first presents the techniques in the dreaded karate uniform but towards the end of the book she presents self defense techniques in everyday situations and she manages to make it look cool. Gone was the karate uniform but cool street clothes. She made it all look like a martial arts fashion spread.

Who would think to keep your handbag when doing a hip throw????? How cool!! But personally would wack the man with the bag after taking him out. Anyway this book can be bought at Amazon if you are need of a present for the Martial Artist/Vintage Fashionista in your life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

If You Love Him Don't Get a Tattoo Make Sweater

Found this picture of Joan Crawford in a the book "Joan Crawford - The Ultimate Star" by Alexander Walker. She designed the sweater in the 1930's and included a picture of her husband at the time Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Smart girl that Joan. Today with tattoos being popular and people getting their loved ones permanently etched into their skin a sweater sounds entirely smarter thing to make. So much easier to get rid of and a lot more fun to wear.

OK as you can see love sweaters. Not that I don't hate tattoos I have a tattoo and I am considering getting another one. But I keep my tattoos to butterflies at this point. I am just saying if you have any doubt about your loved one don't get a tattoo of him or her knit a sweater instead!

If I had a wish list list this sweater would be on it along with a sweater worn by Phyllis Diller in the 60's. It had a big eyed kitty on it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have These Guys Made You Afraid?.....


OK the Harem Pant is something that the Soccer Mom would probally not wear. But as a Vintage Junkie, I am a person who loves change and I totally embrace the Harem Pant. I like to fool around with different shapes, Wide Leg Pant, Super Wide Leg Pant, Vintage Men's Trousers and if I could fit into a pair I would wear the Skinny Pant. So this season thee Harem Pant is my pant of choice.

Traditional 19th Century Costumes From Turkey and the Balkans. Courtesy The MET Costume Museum Vanity Fair Exhibit (1977)

Art Deco Harem Pant Costume Design by Erte for the 1926 Movie Devil's Circus. Erte a French Designer was mainly known for his Vogue and Harper Bazaar Cover Illustrations came to Hollywood in the 20's to design Movie Costumes. Photo courtesy The MET Costume Museum.

The Harem Pant is a traditional Middle Eastern style of pant which has basically remained the same for centuries. From the 60's to the 80's designers wanting to bring an International flavor to their designs adopted the Harem Pant. They were really big in the 80's with MC Hammer until MC Hammer fell out of favor. This season the Harem Pant is making a come back on the runways this season. Will the public embrace them. I hope so.

2009 Harem Pant Ensemble by Diane Von Furstenberg

A modern take on the Harm Pant. Styling and Photography are by Jessie Ajluni Take a look at her Myspace Page! Her work is great!

With the Harem Pant its a matter of fooling around and finding what works for you. Pull the cuffs up your leg and make them more slouchy like this pair of vintage 1970's yellow silk harem pants which I paired with a vintage sleeveless silk tunic which I also slouched up. This is now available at

You can also glam up a vintage harem pant jumpsuit such as this one coming soon from Yosemite Vintage.

This 1970's Sant'Angelo (One of my favorite designers - as you can tell) knit harem pant ensemble can work on many body types and be super comfy! Also available Listitcafe

This 60s Gordon & Marx harem pant ensemble is what I love about vintage harem pants. It has the styling which you canonly get from buying vintage clothing. This set will soon be available from Cactus and Cattails Vintage Clothing.

The Harem Pant is an example of why I wear vintage. You can rediscover styles and and ideas from the past and adapt them to fit your own style!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am a Vintage Sock Monkey Hoarder

That's me. I don't sell them - I buy them whenever I find one! Never knew much about them at all, except that I thought they were cool. The most common vintage monkey you see out there is made of Rockford Red Heel Sock. The package comes with instructions not only how to make the monkey but also a sock elephant which I am yet to find. Though these monkeys were made of the same sock, I find that each has their own personality. Here are some examples from my collection. There is also a picture of a set of 1940's sock rabbits,not made with Rockford Socks.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers

Next to a well worn pair of dungarees nothing is better than the perfect pair of sneakers. My sneaker of choice is a vintage cream colored pair of converse high-tops. Being a child of the early 70's I was not blessed with being able to have a cool pair of nike athletic shoes. No light-ups or wheelies for me. For a while I was stuck with the blue ked's sneaker. I cringe to this day when I watch reruns of the Brady Bunch all of them in their matching keds.

There were a pair of Keds which actually made me cry. They were called Keds Tail Light sneakers. In the store I thought they were cool. The next best thing to light up sneakers but with no lights. The sneakers had a glow in the dark patch at the back heel. I begged my Mother for them, against her better judgement she bought them for me. What about a Keds sneaker could make me cry? I wore them to school the next day, where in gym class they chanted "We'll be riding Keds Tail lights when we ride..... We'll be riding Keds Taili Lghts when we ride..... " Until I ran to the locker room in tears. OK then according to my Mom children were starving in China, so what's the big deal about a bad sneaker choice. OK it was not a big deal just another Middle school horror story.

Being in the Vintage Clothing business I really never gave sneakers a thought other then seeking out early Nike Sneakers. I forgot about the fun of sneakers. Writing all over a pair of cream coverse. Pairing a pair of grungy sneakers with a lace skirt and punk t-shirt. And I forgot the 1970's were the era of the Skate Sneaker and a bizarre host of other street sneakers. Like this pair of boot sneakers which I recently found and thought these are so bizarre too bad they dont fit me or they would be in my closet right now. If any of you would have a pair of cool 70's sneakers you would like to post let me know. But please no Tail Lights.... I think I would cry.