Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Interesting Find

Was at a large Estate Sale this weekend which contained things from several estates. A really interesting sale where you dig around and find alot of cool things. A place where I like to spend my afternoons. This day I was searching for an outfit to use in a photoshoot so I went to the clothing section which was small and grabbed this ensemble. Very loud Italian 1980's ensemble by Enrico Coveri You Young Label Circa 1985.

There was no price on this item so I asked at least three people what the price of the item and all I as an answer is that this was Brooke Shields dress. So they had a third party they had to please and could not give me a price right away. Brooke grew up in this area and thought I thought it could possible that it was hers, but did not really care just wanted the ensemble. So I got a fair price on the item and the story about the estate. I wont repeat it people deserve their privacy.

I liked the dress as it was a good example of 80's clothing and colorful enough for my purposes. Then someone I knew forwarded me this picture of Brooke wearing the dress.

Wow its nice to see it. It sort of kills what I was going to do with it but it might be a challenge to try and update the item without changing the item. I like see Brooke wear it because she looked healthy and beautiful and was not overly thin as models tend to be now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did I Say I Have Seen it All?

Those are dangerous words coming from me. I have been to alot place and seen strange things as well as some strange people. So when I say, "I have seen it all..." It is a truly scary thing.

The item I am talking about is an item I just put for sale on Etsy. It is called a gunbrush. Guns can make brushing FUN!!!! It is a child's toothbrush in the shape of a gun. The trigger works and the gun goes click.

I was first a bit disturbed at finding the Gunbrushes. But then I thought the Gunbrushes were an interesting thing. I saw it as a window to a more innocent time in American History. It was heroic and fun as a child to play Cowboys and Indians. Mom's did not worry about handguns or if the game were Polically Correct.

I wondering if they made a Tomahawk version of ths toothbrush?