Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have These Guys Made You Afraid?.....


OK the Harem Pant is something that the Soccer Mom would probally not wear. But as a Vintage Junkie, I am a person who loves change and I totally embrace the Harem Pant. I like to fool around with different shapes, Wide Leg Pant, Super Wide Leg Pant, Vintage Men's Trousers and if I could fit into a pair I would wear the Skinny Pant. So this season thee Harem Pant is my pant of choice.

Traditional 19th Century Costumes From Turkey and the Balkans. Courtesy The MET Costume Museum Vanity Fair Exhibit (1977)

Art Deco Harem Pant Costume Design by Erte for the 1926 Movie Devil's Circus. Erte a French Designer was mainly known for his Vogue and Harper Bazaar Cover Illustrations came to Hollywood in the 20's to design Movie Costumes. Photo courtesy The MET Costume Museum.

The Harem Pant is a traditional Middle Eastern style of pant which has basically remained the same for centuries. From the 60's to the 80's designers wanting to bring an International flavor to their designs adopted the Harem Pant. They were really big in the 80's with MC Hammer until MC Hammer fell out of favor. This season the Harem Pant is making a come back on the runways this season. Will the public embrace them. I hope so.

2009 Harem Pant Ensemble by Diane Von Furstenberg

A modern take on the Harm Pant. Styling and Photography are by Jessie Ajluni Take a look at her Myspace Page! Her work is great!

With the Harem Pant its a matter of fooling around and finding what works for you. Pull the cuffs up your leg and make them more slouchy like this pair of vintage 1970's yellow silk harem pants which I paired with a vintage sleeveless silk tunic which I also slouched up. This is now available at Listitcafe.com

You can also glam up a vintage harem pant jumpsuit such as this one coming soon from Yosemite Vintage.

This 1970's Sant'Angelo (One of my favorite designers - as you can tell) knit harem pant ensemble can work on many body types and be super comfy! Also available Listitcafe

This 60s Gordon & Marx harem pant ensemble is what I love about vintage harem pants. It has the styling which you canonly get from buying vintage clothing. This set will soon be available from Cactus and Cattails Vintage Clothing.

The Harem Pant is an example of why I wear vintage. You can rediscover styles and and ideas from the past and adapt them to fit your own style!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am a Vintage Sock Monkey Hoarder

That's me. I don't sell them - I buy them whenever I find one! Never knew much about them at all, except that I thought they were cool. The most common vintage monkey you see out there is made of Rockford Red Heel Sock. The package comes with instructions not only how to make the monkey but also a sock elephant which I am yet to find. Though these monkeys were made of the same sock, I find that each has their own personality. Here are some examples from my collection. There is also a picture of a set of 1940's sock rabbits,not made with Rockford Socks.