Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers

Next to a well worn pair of dungarees nothing is better than the perfect pair of sneakers. My sneaker of choice is a vintage cream colored pair of converse high-tops. Being a child of the early 70's I was not blessed with being able to have a cool pair of nike athletic shoes. No light-ups or wheelies for me. For a while I was stuck with the blue ked's sneaker. I cringe to this day when I watch reruns of the Brady Bunch all of them in their matching keds.

There were a pair of Keds which actually made me cry. They were called Keds Tail Light sneakers. In the store I thought they were cool. The next best thing to light up sneakers but with no lights. The sneakers had a glow in the dark patch at the back heel. I begged my Mother for them, against her better judgement she bought them for me. What about a Keds sneaker could make me cry? I wore them to school the next day, where in gym class they chanted "We'll be riding Keds Tail lights when we ride..... We'll be riding Keds Taili Lghts when we ride..... " Until I ran to the locker room in tears. OK then according to my Mom children were starving in China, so what's the big deal about a bad sneaker choice. OK it was not a big deal just another Middle school horror story.

Being in the Vintage Clothing business I really never gave sneakers a thought other then seeking out early Nike Sneakers. I forgot about the fun of sneakers. Writing all over a pair of cream coverse. Pairing a pair of grungy sneakers with a lace skirt and punk t-shirt. And I forgot the 1970's were the era of the Skate Sneaker and a bizarre host of other street sneakers. Like this pair of boot sneakers which I recently found and thought these are so bizarre too bad they dont fit me or they would be in my closet right now. If any of you would have a pair of cool 70's sneakers you would like to post let me know. But please no Tail Lights.... I think I would cry.

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