Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am a Vintage Sock Monkey Hoarder

That's me. I don't sell them - I buy them whenever I find one! Never knew much about them at all, except that I thought they were cool. The most common vintage monkey you see out there is made of Rockford Red Heel Sock. The package comes with instructions not only how to make the monkey but also a sock elephant which I am yet to find. Though these monkeys were made of the same sock, I find that each has their own personality. Here are some examples from my collection. There is also a picture of a set of 1940's sock rabbits,not made with Rockford Socks.


Sue said...

Too cool Chris! I love sock monkeys (the vintage ones) and it is fun seeing your collection.


The Countess said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing some of your collection!

Amanda said...

very cool...I love the vintage ones, but I also make a variety of different sock monkeys...thanks for sharing!