Monday, August 24, 2009

If You Love Him Don't Get a Tattoo Make Sweater

Found this picture of Joan Crawford in a the book "Joan Crawford - The Ultimate Star" by Alexander Walker. She designed the sweater in the 1930's and included a picture of her husband at the time Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Smart girl that Joan. Today with tattoos being popular and people getting their loved ones permanently etched into their skin a sweater sounds entirely smarter thing to make. So much easier to get rid of and a lot more fun to wear.

OK as you can see love sweaters. Not that I don't hate tattoos I have a tattoo and I am considering getting another one. But I keep my tattoos to butterflies at this point. I am just saying if you have any doubt about your loved one don't get a tattoo of him or her knit a sweater instead!

If I had a wish list list this sweater would be on it along with a sweater worn by Phyllis Diller in the 60's. It had a big eyed kitty on it.