Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did I Say I Have Seen it All?

Those are dangerous words coming from me. I have been to alot place and seen strange things as well as some strange people. So when I say, "I have seen it all..." It is a truly scary thing.

The item I am talking about is an item I just put for sale on Etsy. It is called a gunbrush. Guns can make brushing FUN!!!! It is a child's toothbrush in the shape of a gun. The trigger works and the gun goes click.

I was first a bit disturbed at finding the Gunbrushes. But then I thought the Gunbrushes were an interesting thing. I saw it as a window to a more innocent time in American History. It was heroic and fun as a child to play Cowboys and Indians. Mom's did not worry about handguns or if the game were Polically Correct.

I wondering if they made a Tomahawk version of ths toothbrush?

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