Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer for Men???

Received a pile of men's clothing from a relative of mine. I usually don't deal with men's clothing unless if it is to wear for myself or to give to a friend. Well on top of the pile was this Men's Lilly Pulitzer floral summer shirt and tie. I looked at it in horror. I wanted to look away, but it is like a good horror film, you want to look away but you cant. Quoting the Website dressthatman.com , "It takes a special man to wear Lilly's vintage line....." And I managed to find that man. My good friend Marc asked if he could have it. I said, "Sure, just dont wear it in public." I also made him try it on so I could take a picture of him. Actually he looks quite cute in the the ensemble, but if I could find a blazer to tone it down a bit it might be ok.... I also have a pulitzer blazer but it is too big for him.... (PHEW!!)

Marc was a sport and let me take the picture. He thinks he is not cute, but he is.... And he is a very good friend!!!! So dressthatmans was right in that respect!!! Check out theri site they have a nice selection of Pulitzer Menswear for you to browse through.

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